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Sucess or failure of your political campaign hinges on the quality of your registered voter data. For over 15 years, has supplied high-quality, fresh voter files to political campaigns, scholarly institutions, government offices, non-profit organizations, Democrats, Republicans, and other unrestricted users. Voting files are available for every state by congressional district, state senate district, state house district, and county.

We offer two classes of voting lists, enhanced and unenhanced. The enhanced registered voting lists are customized to your exact specifications and include voter data that are no longer publicly available. The economical unenhanced lists offer standard demograhic voter data. In most cases, we can email your list within one hour after ordering.

Please note that voter lists are for POLITICAL USE only.

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The voter lists are also a hybrid of rare data that is no longer publicly available as well as USPS change of address and formatting enhancements. We have data measuring historical voter intensity that will help you allocate your voter contact resources most effectively. We can provide you with a freshly updated and customized voter list in one single and easy-to-use Excel format.

eMerges is your reliable source for non-partisan source for registered voter files. Give us a call if you have any question.